We are a passionate, creative, open minded & determined group who believe in innovation and driving growth in the retail industry with minimal impact on the environment.

We have been designing beautiful displays, fixtures and retail environment for our global brands and retailers since 1982. We take our clients to the top of their market from luxury bespoke one-off displays to multi-site fit-outs for various categories and channels .

Our manufacturing facilities are strategically placed in Ningbo and Shanghai China, Mumbai India, Poland and across Australia to facilitate our production and logistics services.  Across the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the USA our capabilities and partnerships allow us to deliver globally and react quickly to our client’s requirements.


  • Exhibition Display Australia founded in Sydney, Australia.

  • Exhibition Display Australia shifts into the P.O.S.industry

  • Our first displays for IBM and Revlon

  • Taubman's Color Selector is created.

  • The Revlon display is redesigned to become Color Boutique 912.

  • Exhibition Display Australia changes name to EDA

  • The Yardley Display is created.

  • EDA begins Retail Consultancy work for Target, K-Mart, and Cole's.

  • The Maybelline Pole System is launched.

  • EDA creates dimensional signage for Diageo at Duty Free Shops 

  • EDA opens Hong Kong office in Ningbo and moves Australia production to China. EDA forms Chinese joint venture and becomes EDA AustralAsia.

  • A new chapter begins at EDA with Maree Graham and John Atwill as wholly owned co-owner of EDA

  • The L'Oreal Diamond display is created.

  • EDA opens offices in Shanghai, China.

  • EDA opens offices in Singapore, China and Mumbai, India.

  • EDA opens offices in Melbourne, Australia.

  • EDA purchases the Stratasys 3D printer for our Industrial Design department.

  • EDA America opens office in Boston.

  • EDA America moves to NYC.

  • EDA opens a wholly owned manufacturing facility in Kunshan, China.

  • New state of the art Rimmel unit is launched.

  • EDA Global name to be launched.

  • EDA to open office in L.A.